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Music on Television!

Music from popular TV shows.
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music on television
Welcome to MusicOnTV! This place is for fans who like to keep track of music played on all of their favorite television shows. While we respect other communities that discuss music for a specific show, we wanted to create a community so that all the music would be in one place! We hope to have music lists for each episode available to you all soon.
Our goal is to designate a few people to the shows who can post the music list for that week’s episode. If you would like to suggest a show that we should take a look at please comment here and let us know.

1. This is not a place to discuss music. It is simply to keep everyone informed of the music used in an episode, and also to upload the music if necessary.
2. Communities can be difficult to run, and many people are doing their best to make this a great place. Therefore, be kind to the moderator(s) and your fellow members.
3. You can give back to this community whether it is by leaving a simple comment of “thanks,” especially when you snag music files.

Any other comments or concerns, please contact Nicole (epic_love18).

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